Unsolicited Redesigns
A Meditation on Corners

UI Redesign for an Android Game

Platform: Android

Goal: Update UI Elements

Tool: Sketch

Date: 5.24.19

Idle Zen is a fun li’l game where the goal is to facilitate the passage of colorful balls through a series of obstacles that can be reduced using coins that are produced by the balls. 

While I was immersed in the game I grew uncomfortable with the sharp corners of the menu buttons when the UI is otherwise soft and rounded, ball-like if you will.

I couldn’t let this stand, so I sat down, and working from a screenshot taken on my Pixel XL I set to designing in Sketch. The most notable change is the rounding of the button corners.  I also removed the containers from the menu list taking advantage of the added whitespace.

Increasing contrast between two elements will help them stand out, but jarring visuals of sharp objects surrounded by soft, rounded forms can leave the player
on edge. 

I was able to use some of the organizational methodologies for working in Sketch; the ones you learned the hard way. Each project has helped me streamline my process to produce better visuals, faster. 

Pixel 3.png

The original screenshot

My Edit